Our Goals

GOAL 1: Mobilize Rural Communities for self-reliant action

  1. Build social capital and transform dependency mindset in rural communities
  2. Improve health and nutrition of rural households
  3. Build capacity of individuals and communities to secure income and create new economic opportunities, especially for women and youth
  4. Increase access to education and information in rural communities
  5. Foster social cohesion and prevent violence
  6. Empower communities to collectively advocate for their own needs
  7. Enhance food security and climate resilience in rural communities

GOAL 2: Empower Women and Girls

  1. Foster and enable environment for female leadership
  2. Create income-generating opportunities for women
  3. Improve safety of women and girls
  4. Enhance access to and use of public services/improve women’s and maternal health
  5. Improve women’s and maternal health
  6. Promote the role of women in decision making at all level.

GOAL 3: Strengthen Local Government

  1. Build capacity of elected Union Parashad representatives to effectively carry out their mandated roles
  2. Promote transparency and accountability of local governments
  3. Improve the delivery of quality public services

GOAL 4: Build Alliances for Advocacy and Action

  1. Foment a movement for decentralization and devolution
  2. Strengthen civil society networks to influence policymakers for good governance
  3. Develop alliances to promote gender equality and peaceful processes