Strengthening Local Government

Capacity Build-up for UP Representative
The animator is a volunteer who builds his/her fortune on his/her own responsibility and inspires others to make their fortune. Through special animator training, the mindsets and attitude of the Chairman, elected representatives and secretaries of the Unions Council change and develop their capabilities. As a result, they play a leading role in the positive change of their union parishads and the people of the union.

Special animator training is a three-day (residential) training organized by ‘The Hunger Project’, through which the mentality and attitude of the elected chairman, members and secretaries of the Union Parishad changes and develops their capacities. As a result, they played an active role in the positive change in the lives of the Union Parishads and the people of the Union.

The purpose of special animator training:
In order to make the participants efficient in the conduct of the Union Parishad on the basis of professionalism and in order to develop effective, transparent and accountable Union Parishads and to develop sustainable development goals in the union, they can increase their perceptions and skills in performing more important role through the process of self-realization.

Expected Results:
1. A group of committed volunteers will be created to build a hungry free Bangladesh;
2. They will play a catalytic role in hunger free movement in the field level;
3. To develop the capability of the Union Parishad and to create a group empowred manpower to ensure transparency and accountability;
4. Local catalyst will be created to stop deprivation of women and the change in the social structure of the discrimination.
5. A group of skilled managers and supporters will grow.

Strengthen UP Standing Committee

Although the provision of the Standing Committee under the Union Council Act, its implementation and practice is very weak. A large part of the public is not aware of this as there is campaign on it. As a result, on one hand the Union Parishad is not able to form the Committees properly, on the other hand, those who are included in the committee are also not able to play any role due to lack of awareness about it. In consideration of this matter, the Hunger Project feels the need for the development of the Standing Committee’s capability and conducts a number of activities in this regard. One of the programs is conduct workshop to develop ability of the Standing Committee.

The day-long special workshop on various strategies for the implementation of the Standing Committee’s role, functions and committees with each member of all the Standing Committees of the Union Parishad is basically known as the Capacity Development Workshop of the Standing Committee.

• All members of the Standing Committee have their own identity and friendly relations;
• Creating awareness about the legal affairs of the Standing Committee among the members;
• Understanding the role of the Standing Committee in accordance with the law and giving clear conclusions to the members about the work;
• Ensure that the two-day meetings of the standing committee be held;
• Preparation to get help of Permanent Committee in the formulation of a five-year plan;
• To make the committee expert on writing recommendations to the Union Parishad;
• Creating a harmonious and cooperative relationship between the Council and the Standing Committee.

Intended results:
• Members of the committee can identify their responsibilities, role and actions;
• A positive understanding will be created between members of the council and standing committee;
• Bi-monthly meetings of the committee will be held regularly;
• The committee will play a role in implementing the council through regular recommendations to the council on various issues;
• The work of the Parishad will be speedy and the practice of transparency and accountability will be launched;
• Committees will play an effective role in formulating a Five-Year Plan.