The Hunger Project is seeking philanthropists interested in forming a unique five-year partnership with a cluster of rural villages at the administrative level closest to the people – the “union.” Our SDG Union Strategy is designed to bring about a profound transformation in these villages in a five-year period through an intensive, holistic, gender-focused strategy that:

  • Improves the lives of a population of roughly 25,000 people.
  • Transforms mindsets from dependency to self-reliance;
  • Transforms gender relations from patriarchy to equality;
  • Builds grassroots civil society from the bottom up – for women, youth, the ultra-poor and those committed to good governance;
  • Develops local capacity to carry out successful action campaigns for health, education, nutrition, water/sanitation, food and nutrition security;
  • Puts in place sustainable democratic values of citizens holding local government accountable in a spirit of partnership.

This process has been proven to be effective and requires an investment of US$25,000 per year for five years. As an underwriter, you would have the opportunity for field visits, and will receive quarterly progress reports from your SDG Union partners.