Aakhi announces a logical battle against child marriage

protect_early_marriageWomen leader Aakhi Amin has started to build mass awareness against child marriage through court yard meeting and mini campaign. To Aakhi it is a logical fight. She decided to go with the massage to every parent who has at least one girl child in her ward. As part of her mission she organized a court yard meeting regarding the issue in the last 7th November in her own village named tan katlasen under the ward no. 2.  Total 28 village women attended at the meeting. Aakhi in this meeting described the demerits of early marriage to everyone with participatory discussion. She also disseminated some legal points against early marriage. The participated women told that they haven’t heard this ever before and today they were convinced about it. Aakhi then pointed out about the necessities of birth registration and attract others views on this issue.  After half an hour long open discussion everyone who attended at the meeting made a commitment that they would never made their girl child as a victim of child marriage and also would go no one without birth registration. Union coordinator Omar Faruq and program officer Aslam Khan also associated Aakhi to facilitate the meeting.