Animators training held for creating MDG Union at Mymensingh

AT_mymensinghAn animator training has been held in 14-17th November at the Union Parishad auditorium of Boyra Union in Mymensingh. It has been organized by Boyra Union parishad and facilitated by The Hunger project under the partnership effort along with Brac & UNDEF. Total 50 participants took part including 37 women. The training has been arranged from the strong belief that the goals of MDG can be achieved only with the joint initiatives of both Union parishad representatives and community people .Here it also be believed that local development requires a strong, sensitive, visionary and participatory local leadership to coordinate the people initiatives and generate inspiration to lead them voluntary community movement. So in this regard union parishad has a scope to empower a number of grass-root leadership. In his speech of UP chairman Abdul Malek said that this training would help to find out a number of self- motivated leaders and committed community activists to turn the union as a model fulfilling all targets of millennium development goals. He also assured that from the side of UP he with his whole body would take all necessary initiatives to engage the community actors with all kinds of dealings of Union parishad. At last , the four days long concludes through an action plan prepared by the every participant of the training which focused on voluntary community action to achieve mdg as well as to ensure transparency and accountability of Union Parishad. By the by, the training has been facilitated by two volunteer trainers Bokul Hossain  and A.K Manik with the coordination by Aslam Khan.