Mass campaign held in all project unions on Essential Nutrition Action (ENA)

Sound maternal health is a precondition of bearing healthy baby as well as safe delivery. But maternal and childcare is so far highly neglected almost all over the country. In ru???????????????????????????????ral area the condition is more disappointing. As a result it is recorded through several surveys that still about 50% of babies born with inadequate weight. The scenario exists in the project unions also. Considering the situation and community demands it is decided to conduct mass campaign on the above mention issue in all project unions with participation of community people. The campaigns have been started from January’15 and it has been continuing for nest two weeks. The campaigns consist of a number of events which is started with two daylong training of trainers (TOT) for all women leaders of each union. Through this TOT the women volunteer are prepared as facilitators of two daylong court yard meeting in their own community with participation of 20 target people. The targeted participants’ include with pregnant mothers, lactating mothers and some aged experienced mothers. The court yard meetings have been covered with at least one event in each union. So data from field says a total of 90 court yard meetings has already been completed where 1820 target people (715-pregnant, 835- lactating and 270 aged experienced mothers) participated .