Volunteer action for COVID-19 Resilient Villages

March 27, 2020

Consistent with World Health Organization and government guidelines, THP volunteers across Bangladesh are handing out leaflets, making masks, making hand sanitizer, providing soap to those living in the most extreme poverty and establishing hand-washing stations.

Volunteer “animators”, elders, women and youth leaders work together in more than 1,100 Village Development Teams (VDTs) to identify and meet local challenges. Hunger Project staff maintain remote support for them via WhatsApp, text messages, Facebook and other means.

Mask making in Charghat Upazila
Woman leader Anowara organizes hand washing in Chatra Union
Youth leaders of Rajshahi making hand sanitizer.
Youth leader Maruf of Kabilpur Union distributes soap.
Washing station in Vialaxmipur Union.
Leaflet distribution in Patnitola Upazila

One response to “Volunteer action for COVID-19 Resilient Villages”

  1. Laura Burt says:

    Carol Coonrod and I have just started making homemade masks as well. Seeing the photo of the ones made in Bangladesh presenced the absolute connection and relationship that we have to one another!

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