Citizenship workshop held to strengthen Citizenry roles

SAM_1691Citizen participation is important to ensure good-governance in grass-root and citizen participation mostly depends on the level of their consciousness. We believe even grass-root people should know about the key articles of our constitution with easy & simple interpretations and meanings.

They should be informed about citizen rights, duties & responsibilities of tablecitizen, basic and human rights provided in constitution and others citizenry affairs provided and preserved in constitution with accurate but simple language .But still initiatives from no sides & corners could be visible regarding this issue. Realizing the importance of the issue The hunger project with collaboration of Brac and associated by UN democracy fund firstly initiated to reach the issue to the grass-root.

The name of the process of these initiatives is citizenship workshop. The workshop is organized by local volunteer in his own community; the venue is any convenient place (yard, tree shaded open place, school) in their community. Local volunteer also facilitate these workshops which include the contains like citizenship, different between citizen and subject, characteristics of active citizen, rights & responsibilities of a citizen, importance of active citizenry role etc. According to the proposal of the project two workshops are to be held in each project unions during the project time. It is seen based on the data came from field that up to April’14 fifty workshops has taken place.