Human existence is a gift of the tree so planting tree is indispensible for everyone Deputy Commissioner, Mymensingh

A weeklong mass campaign on tree plantation has taken place in all project unions in Mymensingh and Trangail District from 09 t???????????????????????????????o 14 th august’2014 with a view to reduce exclusive environmental disaster, recover ecological balance and save human existences. The campaigns have been organized jointly by The hunger project- Bangladesh & Brac and funded by UN democracy fund. The campaign have been included with mass discussions, rallies, popular theatres, thematic song presentation, leafleting and others cultural and religious activities. The starting of the campaigns are through inaugural discussion meetings including community people, all stakeholders and local administrations. According to the above mentioned consecution a mass discussion meeting has been held in Charishwardia union on the 11th august’14 where the Deputy Commissioner of Mymensingh was the chief guest. In his speech the deputy commissioner (Mustaqim Billah Faruqi) says; in every stage of life we are depended on trees and our whole lives are really gift of trees. He also mentions, a rich man can make financial bank deposit for his children as well as successors but a poor man does not have scope to do this but planted trees can be the poor’s deposit. He says, through tree plantation a man at a time can do the duties for both himself and others. The deputy commissioner points out that it is heard many times to say by many one that they want to work for the betterment of society but cannot do it for having no money, he regrets that people should know tree plantation is the easiest way for social work as a child may grow up breathing with the oxygen from the tree planted by the man. So he makes appeal for everyone to plant at least one tree . He urges that at least five trees should be planted to replace blank of cutting one tree. Three hours long meeting has been participated by about 600 audiences including UP representatives, local opinion leaders’ religious leaders, teachers, political personnel, social workers, journalists and others community stakeholders. Among the audiences about 50% were women. At the closing moment audiences raise their hands and make commitment that all shall plant at least one tree on their own yard and motivate at least one to do the same.