Press conference held in Tangail …….

Union parishad representatives especially chairmen face journalists to focus notable best practices taken place in the five project unions under Tangail district. Basically it was a lesson learnt experience sharing. Except journalist’s local animators, women leaders, grass-root researchers, youth leaders, members of union wise distinguish citizen committee and members of district based administration & civil society. Mr. Gautam Chandra paul, deputy director of local government, Tangail was present as the chief guest where Md. A. S. M Mohiuddin Khan, additional deputy commissioner and Khan Md. Khaled, former president of District lawyer association & principal of District law college were as the special guests. The meeting was presided and anchored by Dr. Badiul Alam Majumder, country director and global vice-president of the hunger project. A report containing the notable changes achieved by jointly elected representatives and local volunteer was presented to the audience. Chairman of each Union also presented union based success, good practices and their learning for the last one and half year. Local volunteer who are created through the trainings by hunger project put their impressions, learning and challenges and expressed their recommendations for better result for the remaining period. The journalists and members’ civil society and some research organizations asked several questions from different angles to realize the process of development, process of people participations and changes created to the stakeholders. The chief guest in his speech mentioned that a fabulous process of people’s participation took place in the regarding project unions which should be focused to the national level policy makers. He added that this initiative would be more helpful to generate inspiration to others. He cordially praised this learning sharing process.??????????????????????????????????????????????