MoU Signing Ceremony between THP and Aloya Union Parishad

MoU ceremony at Aloya UPOn 8th June 2013 the Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony between The Hunger Project Bangladesh and Aloya Union Parishad was held at Aloya Union Parishad auditorium.

The MoU reaffirm the commitments of THP and Aloya UP to strengthen local governance through building the capacity of both the elected local government bodies, GO functionaries and grassroots civil society to work together to achieve the MDGs.The ceremony was presided by Md. Rahiz Uddin Akand, Chairman, Aloya UP and facilitated by Syed Nasir, PO, THP. A total of 50 participants, of which 13 were women including government officials of transferred departments, UP secretary, NGO representatives, opinion leaders, professionals were present and took part in the discussion.Various opinions and suggestions from participants in the meeting were taken to create a volunteer based movement led by UP for achieving MDGs with the participation of citizens and their ownership.

MoU ceremony at Aloya UP

The MoU was signed by Md. Rahiz Uddin Akand, Chairman, Aloya and Badiul Alam Mazumdar, CD, THP for two years.