Open Budget Discussion held at Aloya Union Parishad

In sigOpen Budget Meeting at Aloya Uinion Parishadnificant step forward in making Union Parishad (UP) transparent and accountable, Aloya Union Parishad, with the support from UNDEF funded MDG Union project implemented by The Hunger Project, for the first time announced its Budget  for FY 2013 – 2014 through an ‘Open Budget Discussion’ at UP auditorium on 19 June, 2013. More than 150 participants form elected public representatives, governments officials, civil society members, and NGO representatives attended in the discussion. The total budget of TK 69,30887 was to place emphasis on education, health and infrastructure development by UP Secretary. The discussion session was presided over by Rahiz Unddin Akand, UP Chairman.  MD. Helaluzzaman Sarker, UNO was as chief guest in the session. ‘The open budget discussion demonstrates how vibrant the UP is and I am really happy to see all of you contribute toward making budget transparent and participatory,’ He said.

Before announcing the budget the Union Parishad had held a series of per-budget  consultations by helping THP with cross section of citizens, elected members, government officials to identify local problems, demands and priorities and incorporate those in the budget.