Coronavirus Resilient Villages

Since March 2020, The Hunger Project has supported committed, trained community leaders in a comprehensive approach to fighting the pandemic – organizing as Coronavirus Resilient Villages.

Here is a recent presentation on the approach presented to LoginAsia:

And here is a short conversation with one of our volunteers with English subtitles.

Latest news on Corona-Resilient Villages

  • Experience Sharing Program of the “Coronavirus Resilient Villages” (CRV) Initiative
    Welcome by Badiul Alam Majumdar, Country Director for The Hunger Project (and moderator for this program).  Welcome to the experience sharing meeting on the Coronavirus Resilient Villages (CRV) initiative. Nearly 500 of our volunteers from all over the country have joined today’s event. Quite a few experts from different disciplines have also joined us. In … Read more
  • Social media outreach to halt COVID-19
    Prof. Badiul Majumdar, Global Hunger Project vice president and Bangladesh country director as well as secretary of SHUJAN – Citizens for Good Governance – has hosted two Facebook Live programs, including one with infectious disease expert Dr. MH Chowdhury Lelin.
  • Volunteer action for COVID-19 Resilient Villages
    Consistent with World Health Organization and government guidelines, THP volunteers across Bangladesh are handing out leaflets, making masks, making hand sanitizer, providing soap to those living in the most extreme poverty and establishing hand-washing stations. Volunteer “animators”, elders, women and youth leaders work together in more than 1,100 Village Development Teams (VDTs) to identify and … Read more